Who we are and what is our job.
Who we are and what is our job.


Grisotech entered the chemical industry panorama at the beginning of the new millennium, originally working only in the production and supply of Chitin, Chitosan and related compounds, but much has changed since those early days.

In the global economy in which companies now operate, cultivating only one field of expertise is unthinkable and unproductive, that is why our company and our mission has diversified during the years in four specific areas of competence, generating a rich and highly specialistic assortment of services:



The Chitin Division.

Our vast experience in the production and supply of Chitin, Chitosan and related compounds and the wide range of possible fields of application we cover, make us the perfect company to satisfy the requests of numerous industrial areas.

Contact Grisotech to understand if our services can take your business to a further level.

The Regulatory Division

Grisotech will follow your company through the never-ending bureaucracy maze that in the present days challenges even the best businesses.

In light of these set of affairs, Grisotech has decided to provide highly technical consultancy services regarding crucial regulatory aspects related to REACH, CLP and ADR, for the EU market and other countries and other regulatory sectors.

The Know-How Division

Sharing is the key word of the twenty-first century, and Grisotech has the possibility and capacity to contribute to the global chemical knowledge.

Information can make a difference, and thanks to our rich and international network we can provide it.

Feel free to contact us, for any information and need related to any improvement in chemical manufacturing, new finished preparations of the pharma, vet, cosmetic or agro-chemical field.

The Trading Division

Over the years the company has managed to put together a vast international business network for the distribution to the emerging markets (as Central Europe and the Middle East) of a wide range of products (link), from fine chemicals to consumer goods.

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